Friday, June 17, 2011

The "Best" News

Today mommy found out she was pregnant with you! I had the craziest dream that I was so when I woke up this morning, I just had to find out! I took a test and TWO pink lines showed up. Mommy was so happy and shocked, she called Nani right away because Daddy was at work. Nani told me to come right over so she could see the test, once I got there Nani and I looked at the test and cried we were so happy! I couldn't wait to tell Daddy, but I wanted to wait until he came home and tell him in the best way.
Nani and I decided to go to Target and we got a card for Daddy. It said "For the Daddy to Be" on the front! It was perfect, we also found your very first onsie I bought for you that said, I love Daddy! Perfect gifts to tell Daddy about you!!

I was going to wait to tell Daddy about you until Father's Day on Sunday but as soon as he came home, I gave him is special gift and told him. He was so happy and excited, we both are! We cannot wait to meet you and we count our blessings everyday for you!
Love you,

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