Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poor little lady

Lately you haven't been feeling your best, you have been fussy and so gassy.  You have also been spitting up a lot, eating very often and always grunting through the night.  Mommy decided to call the Dr and they had us bring you in last night.  After describing your symptoms to the Dr he suggested you get on medicine for reflux.  Last night was your first night on the medicine and so far you are doing well.  Hopefully you will get to sleep better and not have such tummy troubles.  You were much happier today so Mommy has high hopes for the meds. 
Good news...we went to our group this afternoon and you weighed 8lbs. 2oz.  The nurse even asked Mommy if she was giving you formula too because you are gaining weight so well, I proudly said no!  I am so happy you are eating well and growing so big.

Weight Check

You weigh...8lbs 2oz now!  Growing Growing Growing!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

5 weeks old!

You have been in this world for 5 whole weeks! It is hard for Mommy and Daddy to remember life without you because now and forever you are our world!!!
We started a "bedtime routine" tonight, we are hoping this will make it easier when you eventually go into your own room to sleep.  As of now our routine goes something like this;
you eat while Mommy rocks you, if you are still awake Mommy and/or Daddy read you a story, we rock you until your asleep, we lay you down in the bassinet
Crossing our fingers that the routine works for you!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

4th week at home with Mommy

Our 4th week at home together, is winding down. 3 weeks left for us to spend together, until SUMMER at least. ;)
 Here are some happenings from the week;
--you have been wearing 0-3 months clothes (growing out of your newborn gear)
--you love sleeping on Mommy and Daddy's chests, Daddy caught us one morning taking a little snooze

--you are gaining so much control over your hear, working on holding it up and moving it around
--you enjoy "talkin" to us while hanging out in your boppy pillow

--you have been so gassy lately (not necessarily a good thing but it is quite funny how loud you are)
--you like looking at yourself in the mirror on the play mat
--you had your 1 MONTH BIRTHDAY this week, Mommy and you celebrated with extra snuggle time =)

--you enjoy Uncle Phil holding you

--you helped Great Unlce Joey celebrate his 50th birthday and bonded with Papa at the party

-you went on your first walk, as the weather this winter has been BEAUTIFUL

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weight Check

Today you and I went to Breastfeeding support group again.  Mommy is starting to look forward to our visits, as I have made some Mommy friends there and its fun to see just how much you've grown.
You weighed...7lbs 8oz!!! Wowzer!  Last week at this time you weighed 6lbs 12oz.  You gained 12oz this week, way to go my precious baby.
Here's a picture of Mama's 7lb 8oz girl =)

Monday, February 20, 2012

4 weeks old today & DUE DATE

Today is Mommy's due date!!!  Thinking back I remember a time I never thought this day would come, I also remember a day that I thought you wouldn't even be here by now. haha  Now as of today you have been here for 4 WEEKS!!!!!  I guess that just proves god has his own plan and so did you!
I love you baby girl!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

3rd week home with Mommy

I am having some issues dealing with the fact that your time home with Mommy is halfway over (until summer that is).  The end of this week means only 4 weeks left for us before Mommy goes back to school.  I am trying not to think about it, but it all of the sudden hit me. =(
Anyways...some highlights of the week
--you are FINALLY sleeping 3-4 hours at a time
--you are getting a bit too long for a couple of your newborn outfits
--you met your Great Nannie Sarah and Great Popi Jim

--you love when Mommy and Daddy sing to you

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weight Check

Today you and I went to a Breastfeeding support group, Mommy wanted to check your weight and ask the nurses a couple questions.
You weight...6lbs 12oz!!! Wowzer!  Last week at this time you weighed 5lbs 15oz, you have almost gained a pound in a week, I think you would have been a big baby if you would have waited until Feb. 20th. =)
mommy is proud of you that you are growing so well!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gianna's First Valentine's Day

Today was Valentine's Day, which is a special day for Mommy and Daddy, we got engaged 4 years ago today!  A lot has happened since then hasn't it?!
Mommy took you to Nani's  work so surprise her, then we headed to Mommy's school for the Valentine's Day party!  Here's some pictures of you today, the kids LOVED meeting you and so did Mommy's teacher friends

Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Weeks Old

You are 3 weeks old today! I cannot believe you are filling up your clothes now, they are only newborn size, BUT hey I'm proud of you!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2nd week at home with Mommy

Today marks the end of our 2nd full week together at home! How in the world is time moving so fast?!  You truly are changing quickly!
This week...
--you found your thumb, it was super cute and you enjoyed sucking on your thumb for awhile
--you have been sleeping for 3 hours at a time and Daddy feeds you a bottle that is 3oz compared to your usual 1.5-2oz
--you had your 2 week check up on Wednesday 2/8/12 and you weighed 5lbs 15oz and were 18.5 inches long (comapred to last visit on 1/31/12 when you weighed 5lbs 2oz and were 17.75 inches long)

Sleepy Girl after 2 week Dr. visit
--you are still grunting but now you are doing it while on your play mat
--speaking of play mat, you LOVE laying on it and looking up at the toys, especially blue hippo
(here's a video of you playing, excuse your silly hat, Daddy did it)

--you are staying awake longer, now for 1-2 hours each time
--you are starting to enjoy bath time more, not crying as much unless we are washing your hair
--you got your newborn pictures taken, you were such a good baby girl, only pooped on Daddy once ;)
--you got the okay from the Dr. to visit Great Grandma Doris at the nursing home (she cried when she saw you, we all did actually)

--you met you future best friend Noelle =) , she came to visit with her family; Mommy's best friend Steph, Eli and Isaac

Monday, February 6, 2012

2 Weeks Old

You turned 2 weeks old today and you could not be more PERFECT! Daddy and I are so blessed that you are such a good baby (knock on wood hehe)  We have daily little chats when Daddy comes home from work about how special you are and how blessed we feel. 
Here you are at two weeks old!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mommy and Gianna's first full week at home

Today marks the end of our first week at home, without Daddy. I cannot believe how fast it has gone! Things have been going well so far, you aren't sleeping for very long in between feedings to far but it's so worth it because I am watching you grow before my eyes.  It is so funny that you already have such a strong personality already, I wonder who you got that from.
A few things Mommy and Daddy have noticed about what Miss Gianna does and doesn't like...
-you don't like to eat with a dirty diaper
-you like being swaddled but only with your arms out, if they aren't out you will wiggle them out
-you don't like your diaper being changed at all
-you like to be skin to skin while mommy feeds you
-you love being nice and warm
-you like when your head is rubbed and your hair played with
-laying on Daddy's chest
-you have been sgrunting constantly, all night and day, its super funny!

YOUR CORD HAS FALLEN's bittersweet because that was a reminder to Mommy that you were once in my belly and that cord connected the two of us!

Aunt Megan and Aunt Keke came into town to meet/visit you.  It was super fun seeing them and so special mommy got to share you with them!