Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas--8 months

Today Mommy is 8 months pregnant with you and so thankful to have had a happy and healthy 8 months carrying you!  It is SO hard to believe that in 8 weeks or less you will be here, in our arms!!  Daddy and I have really been enjoying our break from work preparing for you!  Daddy painted your room a bright pretty yellow yesterday morning!  I love the color and know you will too.
You have already started to get gifts for Christmas, Nani and Grandpa Phil got you your snugabunny swing, it was all set up when we went to visit them and it's perfect.  Aunt Nancy and Uncle Joe got you a VERY cute stuffed monkey and Aunt Megan's familiy got you a zebra sleeper!  Mommy and Daddy of course got you clothes, a couple little toys and a pink organizer for your room. 
Here's Mommy at 32 weeks pregnant with you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What a way to start Winter Break...

Boy do I have a story for you...
  Tuesday night around 10 Mommy started not feeling very well.  From that time until Wednesday morning Mommy was sick throwing up every hour and wasn't able to keep anything down, not even water! After calling the Dr, Mommy was told to head in to labor and delivery to check on you and to make sure Mommy wasn't dehydrated.  Daddy stayed home from work to take care of Mommy so he drove us to the hospital.  Mommy got all checked in and hooked up to a monitor and gave blood to check for dehydration.  The monitor showed that Mommy was having small contractions and the blood test showed that I was really dehydrated.  Luckily the nurses and Mommy's Dr. were very quick to get me started on IV fluids and some tummy medicine to help with my nausea.  After 1 bag of fluids Mommy was feeling better and the contractions were gone but the tests showed we were still dehydrated so needless to say we were at the hospital til almost 7 Wednesday night and had 2 more IV bags of fluid!  What a long day!
Daddy, Nani and I were so stressed waiting all day at the hospital hoping I would get better and praying that you were ok in there although Mommy was so sick.
Luckily Mommy and you are fine and almost fully recovered, almost eating normal foods again and trying to catch up on rest, but that was NOT the way Mommy wanted to start her winter vacation.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

31 weeks

Mommy is 31 weeks pregnant with you!  Time is going by slowly now days, you are getting so big sometimes you hurt Mommy, especially when you move up really close to Mommy's ribs.  Your kicks aren't as strong lately either, its more like a hard roll that you are doing in there.  We are gearing up for Christmas this week, getting ready to spend some time with family and Mommy is going to do some much needing relaxing!  Hopefully I will get some things done in your room as well these next couple of weeks.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Maternity Pictures--30 weeks

Mommy and Daddy are so happy with how our maternity pictures turned out!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Bump Photo Shoot Today

Today Daddy's friend from work took some pictures of me, Daddy and you. ;) Well kinda of you, more like Mommy's big baby bump.  It was very surreal for Mommy and Daddy because the last time we got photos taken from someone it was when we got married a year and a half ago, and then next time we take pictures like that YOU will be actually in them!!!! Mommy and Daddy are so anxious to see the pictures and cannot wait to show them to you one day!
I love you!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

29 weeks...already?!

Time sure has been flying lately.  Daddy and I keep saying we can't believe we are getting ready for your arrival; setting up your room, buying you clothes (LOTS of clothes), and reading about your fun developments in Mommy's tummy!  You have truly been such a blessing for us and we cannot even begin to tell you how much we love you!  It is so much fun to feel you moving all around and you make Daddy and I laugh because when he sings to you, you kick Mommy so hard. I think it's because you don't like Daddy's song choices (he's been making up his own songs) but Daddy thinks your kicking out of excitement! =)
Mommy and Daddy have their first Baby Care class next Tuesday night.  We will get to learn all about how to take care of you once you're here!  I cannot believe your due date is less that 11 weeks away!  Mommy cannot wait to see your beautiful face and hold you in her arms!!!
I love you more than words, my precious Baby Girl!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Mommy and Daddy had the absoulte BEST Thanksgiving weekend!  We started the holiday break celebrating our Anniversary!  Mommy and Daddy have been together for 5 years now!  Time has really flown by and we couldn't be happier with what we have been blessed with in those 5 years.  Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Its crazy to think that next Thanksgiving dinner you will be here and get to eat the yummy turkey!  Mommy and Daddy went to Grandpa & Grandma Cook's first, your cousin Ashari and Aunt Kailea were in town from Minnesota.  It was fun to visit with them, Ashari is going to be 1 soon which means the two of you will be a little over a year a part in age.  Here's Mommy and Daddy playing with your cousin.

After our visit we stopped by Nannie's for dinner then headed out for Black Friday shopping.  We got you some cute things of course and Mommy was pooped by time we got home at 1:30am!  Friday morning we woke up and headed to your 3d sonogram! (see that post)
Satruday we met up with Aunt Keke and Ryan for lunch.  We ate mexican, Mommy's fave!  Aunt Keke brought you a cute Northwest bib.  Northwest is where Mommy and Daddy went to college and met eachother.  You are so loved by so many people!

Saturday night we got to watch your cousin Ashari.  It was so fun and definitely gave us an idea of what it will be like we you're here, little sleep but worth it! =)
Here's Daddy playing with your cousin in their jammies!  Daddy was so good with cousin Ashari, he's going to be the BEST daddy!!! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

3d Sonogram

This morningMommy and Daddy met up with Nannie and Grandpa at Belly Images for your 3d sonogram.  A 3d sonogram is so much different than the one we got when we found out you were a girl, although that one was amazing too, this one we got to actually SEE your beautiful face!
It was so unreal to see you on that screen, you look like the perfect combination of Mommy and Daddy.  You did so many funny things during the sonogram; stuck your tongue out, opened your little eyes, waved to us, smiled at us and made such cute little expressions! It was amazing to see you, Mommy and Nannie cried at the sight of you and Daddy and Grandpa just smiled!  You are so beautiful, of course Mommy is biased but you're perfect already and I cannot wait to see you in person in 12 weeks!
Here are some pictures of you from the sonogram.

Monday, November 21, 2011

27 weeks

Here's Mommy at 27 weeks pregnant!  You are getting bigger by the hour it seems, you are around 15 inches — more than a foot long!  You weigh just over two pounds.
You might even recognize Mommy's voice by now.  Mommy is starting to really feel a lot of pressure in her lower tummy and my legs are starting to hurt sometimes.  I also think we are starting to need more sleep again like we did in the first trimester.  Oh well, only 3 months left!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

26 weeks

This week mommy is 26 weeks pregnant with you! Time is sure flying.  Next week is already Thanksgiving and before we know it, Christmas will be here, New Year's, Valentine's Day and then YOU!!!!  That will be the best day of all!!  It is so hard to believe that at this time next year Mommy will officially be, a Mommy!  I cannot wait to teach you things and love on you!  Mommy made an appointment next Friday, November 30 for a 3D sonogram, that is when Daddy and I will see your pretty little face inside Mommy's tummy.  I am SOOO excited!  Here's Mommy at 26 weeks.
PS-- check out my scarf.  I got it for my birthday from my friends at school!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Shower Meeting & Registry

This morning Mommy, Nannie and Aunt Nancy met to talk about your Baby Shower.  We decided on a pink and zebra theme.  It was so much fun meeting with them and planning this day, I cannot wait to celebrate your upcoming arrival in a couple of months!  After the meeting Mommy picked up Daddy and we went to register for you.  Boy was there a lot for us to do!! Luckily Mommy's friend Amanda sent her a cool check off list that helped a lot.  It was a little stressful planning on what we need for you when you aren't here yet, but it was SUPER exciting at the same time.  Daddy took a couple pictures of Mommy signing up for your registry at Babies R Us.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My little jumping bean at 25 Weeks

Mommy is 25 weeks today, and if you cannot tell from the picture you are getting BIG!  You move around and kick all the time now.  You love it when Mommy teaches reading at school around 10:30, you move around while I am reading to the kids and while I am teaching reading groups too.  You also love it when Daddy comes home and hangs out with Mommy before bed.  You move a lot after dinner time when Daddy is talking to you and Mommy is relaxed.  We even saw you moving from the outside of Mommy's belly.

Monday, October 31, 2011

24 weeks!!

Today was Halloween, Mommy is also 6 months pregnant today! Here is a picture of us in our costume...
We were a Skeleton, complete with a pink bow on your head.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy weekend!

This weekend Mommy and Daddy were SUPER busy buying things for our FaVoRiTe little lady...YOU!
Luckily Mommy and Daddy were both off of work on Friday so we started the weekend with Mommy's 6 month Dr. visit.  After waiting forever, we finally got to see the Dr.  He measured you and said everything looked great, your little Buy After NFM Mommy and Daddy went to Carter's and got you a some new outfits.  I have a feeling you will be better dressed than the both of us!  Here's Mommy's favorite outfit we bought this weekend!

On Saturday Mommy and Daddy woke up early and headed to Panera for some breakfast, then we went to Wal Mart to get things to make Mommy's Halloween costume.  Once I got all of the things I needed we headed back home and Daddy got right to work on YOUR room, while I worked on my costume. 
Daddy moved all of the furniture out to get the room good and ready for your new crib.  After Daddy was done Grandpa Phil and Nanni came over to help Daddy built your crib.

Grandpa wouldn't pose for the pictures like Daddy, maybe that's because he was busy doing a lot of the work! =) Daddy's not super handy!
After they finished your crib, Nanni helped Mommy put some bedding in it to see what it looked like... almost PERFECT.  It will be completely perfect once you are in it come Feb!

After Grandpa and Nanni left Daddy and I organized your room, look at all of your stuff already!

After we did that Mommy and Daddy had a date night at home with a movie and popcorn and RELAXED!  It was a great weekend!  Love you!

Monday, October 24, 2011

23 Weeks!

Time sure is flying! Mommy is already 23 weeks pregnant with you and you sure are more and more active.  Although Mommy's placenta is in front of where you are, your little fists, feet and elbows are strong enough now for Mommy to really feel you!  Mommy even saw you move when she looked down at her tummy.  It was so cool! Daddy and I talk about you constantly we still 23 weeks later can't believe God has blessed us with such a little miracle!  We LOVE you!
-Mommy and Daddy
Mommy 23 weeks pregnant October 24 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Your first BIG kick!

This morning while Daddy was getting ready for work, Mommy was just waking up, thanks to your little flutters.  Daddy was talking to Mommy and all of the sudden Mommy felt a big kick.  I put my hand on the side of my belly and felt it, FOR THE FIRST TIME, on the outside of my tummy! I made Daddy stop brushing his teeth and come to feel it too, you kicked again!!  Daddy SMILED so big!  We had such a great start to our day, thanks to you!  We love you so much Baby Girl and are counting down the weeks to hold you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You are loved

Over the weekend while we were in Des Moines for Aunt Keke's and Ryan's wedding, we were able to spend some time with Aunt Megan, one of Mommy's best friends from college.  It was so great to see her and she brought you the cutest gifts.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

22 weeks!

What a busy weekend!  Your Aunt Keke got married on Satruday and Mommy was a bridesmaid in her wedding and technichly you were too! =)  Here are some pictures of Mommy and Daddy (and you) on her special day.  Mommy is also 22 weeks pregnant with you!

I love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First BIG purchase for you

 Today Mommy and Daddy went to Buy Buy Baby to buy you a carseat and stroller.  Mommy was very nervous about this big purchase but luckily Daddy was there to calm my nerves.  We had been researching carseat/strollers for a month and this was our second visit to the store to get one, so we figured we did our homework and it was time to buy.  Here it is, your carseat...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

21 weeks!

Here's a couple pictures of Mommy at 21 weeks, Daddy got a little carried away with the pretty tree in Nannie's yard if you couldn't tell! =)

Today was also the first day Mommy wore a whole maternity outfit, jeans and shirt!  I love you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Flutters

Today about an hour after Mommy had a half cappuchino and half decaf coffee from QT, I felt you fluttering in my tummy, A LOT!  It felt like popcorn popping and little pokes made by you!  It happen at school when I was teaching reading to the kids, I hope this means you LOVE reading already!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

IT'S A...Baby Cook's Gender Reveal

Today Mommy's friend Emily threw us a Baby Gender Reveal Party. 

This is a new thing where soon to be parents get to tell their family and friends in a fun way, altogether what the baby is. 
To prepare for the big reveal, Mommy had her students vote on what they thought you were. 

Mommy also had each table of her students come up with a boy name and girl name for you.  Here were the choices.  Sorry to say, Mommy and Daddy will not be choosing any of them as your name.

Mommy also made a wives tales board for the party.  On the board there are a lot of wives tales of what the baby's gender might be, according to the board there was a 50/50 chance you were a boy/girl.  Wives tales don't really work, Mommy learned!

We were so excited to share the news with everyone. 

So many people love you already and came to hear/see the news! There was a ton of good food too!

Nani made chicken wings, artichoke dip and cupcakes!  Mommy brought some veggies, pink and blue punch, and made Daddy's favorite wings.

Emily made the BEST sweet treats; cake balls and fruity pebble skewers. 

She also made a yummy buffalo chicken dip!  As all of the guests started arriving we all ate and chatted for awhile. Then it was time for the big reveal.  Emily was kind enough to get some balloons in your color and put them in a big box.  When it was time, we brought the box outside and opened it in front of everyone.

Here's a video of Mommy and Daddy sharing the good news!!
Baby Cook