Friday, November 25, 2011

3d Sonogram

This morningMommy and Daddy met up with Nannie and Grandpa at Belly Images for your 3d sonogram.  A 3d sonogram is so much different than the one we got when we found out you were a girl, although that one was amazing too, this one we got to actually SEE your beautiful face!
It was so unreal to see you on that screen, you look like the perfect combination of Mommy and Daddy.  You did so many funny things during the sonogram; stuck your tongue out, opened your little eyes, waved to us, smiled at us and made such cute little expressions! It was amazing to see you, Mommy and Nannie cried at the sight of you and Daddy and Grandpa just smiled!  You are so beautiful, of course Mommy is biased but you're perfect already and I cannot wait to see you in person in 12 weeks!
Here are some pictures of you from the sonogram.

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  1. Nani was so happy to see you on the sonogram, even your grandpa who doesn't really show much emotion was in awe. I am so anxious to meet and hold you that I can hardly contain myself.