Monday, June 11, 2012

ThE CoOKs gO TO thE zOO!

Today Daddy surprised us and took the day off work to take you and I to the ZOO!! Mommy and Daddy were pumped, more so that you were, you napped the whole way there.  Once we got there everyone put on sunscreen and we were on our way.

Our first stop was Nikita the polar bear.  He was HUGE and so fun to watch, you were very intrigued to see hime jumping off the rocks into the water. =)  It was so funny to see how big your eyes got the closer to the glass he came.

After Nikita we went to the Sea Lion show.  You didn't get to watch too much of it because at that time you got hungry and Mommy had to feed you. 

 Daddy snuck a picture of us over in the shade while you ate.
After the sea lion show we went to "Africa".  You like the silly monkey!

You didn't make it much longer after the monkey exhibit before you fell asleep.  You were able to see the elephants, some birds, and a leopard.
We took the tram back to the entrance and it wasn't long before you were asleep in Daddy's arms!

We had a GREAT day!

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