Sunday, September 23, 2012

8 months old

You are 8 months old today!!!! I can hardly believe it, yes I know Mommy says this every month!

Here are some things you have been doing lately...
-you LOVE your activity table, you stand at it to play, we also take the legs off and you " crawl" towards it to play
-you LOVE to roll, you move all over and its so funny to watch you see something you want and go get it
-you've learned where the stairs are...luckily you cannot climb them just yet
-you are VERY curious, the other day you really wanted Nani Gina's shoes so I tried to "hide" them under the table, you definitly found them...TWICE
-you love to eat your fruits and veggies, your favorites at the moment are sweet potatoes with cinnamon, banana-plum with cereal, and peas & carrots
-you can't get enough puffs, cheerios and little pieces of finger foods, you are so fast at picking up the food and shoving it in your little mouth (see video below)
-you talk all the time, our conversations after daycare are my favorite, and I know we will continue to do this for many years to come
-you do the "mean" face also known as the turtle herder face when your mad or frustrated
-you think Elmo is AWESOME, Daddy put Elmo on the tv one day and you thought it was great
-you like to sleep on your belly now and you sleep from 730p-730a (it's amazing!)
-you suck your thumb when your sleepy and like that better than your binky
the mean face

hmm stairs

just woke up (hints the wild girl hair)...yet still sleepy

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