Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Week

This weekend we went to Liberty Oaks for your FIRST Easter Egg hunt!  Of course you weren't quite sure of what to do so Daddy helped you find the eggs!  You only found about 5 because you were too busy watching everyone else, but at least you had fun!

EASTER SUNDAY: The Easter bunny came this morning, you got a lot of fun things!  Including a Minnie Mouse ball and some much needed PJ's for your growing little self!

 Today was a much nicer day weather wise, so we got to wear some SPRING clothes over to Nani's! and wouldn't you know...the Easter Bunny came to visit you at Nani's too!

 Showing Mommy your eggs!  
 Last but not least...a picture of you from last Easter! What a difference a year makes!  
I love you my baby girl!!!! xoxoxoxoxo -Mommy

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