Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 month Dr. visit

Mommy and Daddy went to the Dr today. Mommy had to drink this nasty drink and get her blood drawn to check and make sure she doesn't get sick when she's carrying you. It wasn't the best Dr visit at first but then Daddy and I got to hear your little hearbeat! It was so loud and fast, the nurse had no trouble finding it at all. Your heartrate today was 169, a little lower than last time but it will drop as you get bigger, you are now the size of a plum ;) Mommy's heart melted when she looked into Daddy's eyes as he listened to you, he loves you SO much just like I do. We are so happy that you are growing healthy and strong in Mommys tummy, about 6 more months and Mommy gets to meet you.
I love you!

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