Sunday, August 7, 2011


Friday morning Mommy woke up and checked her emails, to find Nani had emailed a coupon for a yummy Italian restaurant. That got Mommy thinking about how good pasta with meatballs sounded! Mommy started watching tv and saw a cooking show all about meatballs and with your help, Mommy thought about meatballs ALL DAY! I even text Daddy to ask if we could have them for dinner. Once Daddy came home we decided we would invite Nani, Grandpa and Uncle Phil in our pasta with meatball dinner plans. Daddy and Uncle Phil went to go get the food and once it arrived you and Mommy were SO happy! Daddy even ordered us an extra order of meatballs =) We ate 5 meatballs and pasta. Lucky for us we had leftovers, Saturday morning came and we ate meatballs again. As if the weekend could get any better, Nani and Grandpa made homemade meatballs tonight and we ate them AGAIN! All I have to say is, you better like meatballs once you're here!!
I love you!
ps-This past week you were the size of a lime! Next week, a plum! Growing everyday.

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