Saturday, April 7, 2012

You love routine

This week was our second week with a real routine and I must say, you take after your Mommy because you LOVE it.  So far the past two weeks you have followed a pretty good routine that works great for our little family!
7am-you wake up to eat, Mommy gets you dressed, then you play with Daddy.
11am-you wake up to eat at Miss Denise's house.  You normally play with her, do tummy time, read books etc after your bottle.
2pm- time to eat. You have been eating 4.5-5oz bottles while you are over there! 
2:45-You fall back asleep for your long afternoon nap & don't wake up until Mommy comes to get you around 430
5pm-you eat again, then we have play time.  Mommy loves to talk to you and hear about your day.  You take a little nap around 630-7 then wake up to play and eat around 8.  Mommy normally puts you to bed at 930 after daddy gets home, then you wake up at 11 sometimes and sometimes you sleep through the 11 feeding.
3-4am you get up to eat

So far I cannot complain that you are only getting up once in the night!!!  I actually like that time we get to spend together because it's so quiet and sometimes you just look up at me while I whisper to you, it's pretty perfect!!

Here are some pictures from this week...

fell asleep watching Mommy get ready in the morning

tummy time at Miss Denise's house

Morning chat with Miss Denise

sleepy girl

you are so PRETTY


afternoon nap with Daddy

you LOVE to stick your tongue out, it's cute now but DON'T do it when you're older and mad at us

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