Monday, May 7, 2012

15 weeks

You are getting SO big, I know I say this every update but I just cannot believe how fast you are
Some things you are LOVING-
your hands--you put them in your mouth,  and put them together
sounds we make--you love to  hear us make a clicking sound with our mouth as well as animal sounds
smiling--you have the BEST smile, you squeal at us when you are so excited
toys--you are starting to hold onto some of your toys and love to nibble on them too

Today while you were at Miss Denise's house she noticed you managed to pick up a toy and held onto it for awhile, she sent Mommy a picture of you doing it! I was SO EXCITED for you, and a tad jealous that I missed it...BUT once Mommy picked you up from Miss Denise's she was looking back at you on the way to Target and noticed you trying to pick up "Raffe" (your stuffed giraffe blanket)  Once we got to Target mommy just watched you and you did it, you picked up Raffe and of course, put her in your mouth! Yay big girl!

Here's a picture Miss Denise took of you when you HELD YOUR TOY!  Way to go G!

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