Monday, July 23, 2012

6 months old!

Well as usual I cannot believe you're another month older. To "celebrate" your 6 month birthday we went to Moments and Memories to get your pictures taken, then went to visit Tammy and Adelia and went out to lunch afterwards.  It was a fun day and Daddy took off work so it made the day even better. 
 According to the Dr. you are developing right on schedule physically, you can sit up unassisted, roll over both ways and you are beginning to creep, but you can't quite figure out how to go forward, lately you just travel backwards. As far as your cognitive and social development you are actually ahead of schedule, doing things like; looking for people when they leave the room, looking for a toy when you drop it and crying when I leave your eyesight. You also are dealing with some stranger anxiety too, you look for our approval before you give strangers your pretty smile. So, good news according to the Dr as you have began to develop a sense of object permenance.  You weigh 15lbs 7oz and you are 25in long. 

alrighty Mommy I'm done with the pictures

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