Monday, July 16, 2012

West Des Moines

This weekend you had your first ROAD TRIP to West Des Moines, Iowa to visit your friends Isaac and Noelle and help celebrate Isaac's 3rd birthday.  You did well in the car on the way up, slept for awhile ( we were hoping you'd sleep the whole time since it was your bedtime) then you were up for the last hour or so of the trip.  Luckily you ate and played with Mommy in the backseat so it wasn't too bad.  You really enjoyed watching Isaac and Noelle play and even got to "play" with them. 
You loved spending time with Mommy's friends Steph and Eli.  You even got to see Steph and Ryan at lunch at the mall and Isaac's party.  Mommy and Daddy tried to have to sleep in the pack and play but you weren't having it so you spent the 2 nights we were there in bed with us!  Oh boy did you love that, you snuggled on Mommy both nights and made it a little bit hard for me to sleep! =)
We drove back home Sunday afternoon and of course after all of the excitement you slept the whole way to KC.
cheesin at the shoe store after lunch with Steph, Isaac, Noelle, Keke and Ryan

shopping makes you sleepy

Isaac holding you

playing at the Beirman's

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