Sunday, December 23, 2012

11 months more monthly sticker!

Today you are 11 months old!  Time has gone by entirely too quick and each day I try to stop and think about how unbelieveably thankful I am that god brought you into my life.  You have changed me in so many ways, YOU, Gianna Elyse are my greatest accomplishment and I LOVE being your Mommy!
You've been busy lately...
~you have been working up to taking those first steps!  You can stand by yourself and at times you do take a step but fall forward. 
~you LOVE to mimic everything we say, sounds and words, you can say; Daddy, yay, hi and thank you. Yea I know "thank you"  its SO funny.  Everytime I ask you for something, you give it to me and I say thank you, recently you have been holding your hand out to get it back, then you say thank you!  I LOVE it!!!! 
~you have also developed a love of music!  You dance when any music is on, your dancing is more like just shaking your booty. =0)  
~you love to play with your baby or elmo doll.  You carry the baby around and sometimes will pat her!  You're so sweet to her most of the time, sometimes you drop her when something else seems more interesting. 
~you like to play with Mommy's phone.  I have a fisher-price app that sings the alphabet, number song and a shapes song.  When I give you my phone and the app starts up you squeal and clap, then you carry it around and dance to the songs or sometimes you plop down on the floor and watch
Here you are on your 11 month birthday!

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