Saturday, December 1, 2012

What's new with you??

You have without a doubt been keeping us BUSY!  You are cruising all over the place, getting into everything of course!  You have been teething so much lately, you now have 2 bottom teeth, 2 top teeth and your bottom right tooth next to the 2 you already have. (we can see another coming in on the left side too).  You have been clapping your hands and saying yay, waving bye bye, and giving things to us when we ask for them.  You say "daddy" all the time!!!  We are really working on getting you to figure out what or who that is!  I think sometimes you know but when we get too excited after you say it, you just keep repeating it over and over to get a reaction! =)
You are quite the little ham! Everytime I take your picture it seems you just smile bigger and cheesier! haha
Here are some pictures of your cute little self lately!

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