Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas--8 months

Today Mommy is 8 months pregnant with you and so thankful to have had a happy and healthy 8 months carrying you!  It is SO hard to believe that in 8 weeks or less you will be here, in our arms!!  Daddy and I have really been enjoying our break from work preparing for you!  Daddy painted your room a bright pretty yellow yesterday morning!  I love the color and know you will too.
You have already started to get gifts for Christmas, Nani and Grandpa Phil got you your snugabunny swing, it was all set up when we went to visit them and it's perfect.  Aunt Nancy and Uncle Joe got you a VERY cute stuffed monkey and Aunt Megan's familiy got you a zebra sleeper!  Mommy and Daddy of course got you clothes, a couple little toys and a pink organizer for your room. 
Here's Mommy at 32 weeks pregnant with you.

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