Thursday, December 22, 2011

What a way to start Winter Break...

Boy do I have a story for you...
  Tuesday night around 10 Mommy started not feeling very well.  From that time until Wednesday morning Mommy was sick throwing up every hour and wasn't able to keep anything down, not even water! After calling the Dr, Mommy was told to head in to labor and delivery to check on you and to make sure Mommy wasn't dehydrated.  Daddy stayed home from work to take care of Mommy so he drove us to the hospital.  Mommy got all checked in and hooked up to a monitor and gave blood to check for dehydration.  The monitor showed that Mommy was having small contractions and the blood test showed that I was really dehydrated.  Luckily the nurses and Mommy's Dr. were very quick to get me started on IV fluids and some tummy medicine to help with my nausea.  After 1 bag of fluids Mommy was feeling better and the contractions were gone but the tests showed we were still dehydrated so needless to say we were at the hospital til almost 7 Wednesday night and had 2 more IV bags of fluid!  What a long day!
Daddy, Nani and I were so stressed waiting all day at the hospital hoping I would get better and praying that you were ok in there although Mommy was so sick.
Luckily Mommy and you are fine and almost fully recovered, almost eating normal foods again and trying to catch up on rest, but that was NOT the way Mommy wanted to start her winter vacation.

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