Monday, January 23, 2012

36 week SURPRISE...

Today Mommy and Daddy woke up to get ready for our first of 4 weekly visits to the Dr.  We finally made it to the 9th month of pregnancy, at times we thought it would never come!  After eating breakfast we packed our lunches for work, got into the car and headed to the Dr. not knowing, in the slightest what the day would hold. 
A timeline of the days events...
9:00am-The Dr visit started off as usual, weight (boo), heartbeat 149, and any concerns.  At this time Mommy explained to the Dr what had went on that past Friday and described what the other Dr said when I came in to the office Friday afternoon.  This time though, Dr. Kramer seemed a little more concerned, especially when Mommy told her she was up the night before because it felt again like she'd had a little accident. (3 times)
Dr. Kramer decided to check Mommy to see what was going on.   As she was checking Mommy, Daddy was holding my hand and reassuring me that everything was going to be fine.  All of the sudden Daddy left Mommy's side and Dr. Kramer told Mommy she needed to check the fluid under the microscope that she was finding, because Mommy was starting to bleed.  How scary!  In the meantime nurses were coming in and out of the room with wash cloths and water...but why??  It was for Daddy! He had gotten really light headed and sick from seeing Mommy in pain and bleeding. 
Dr. Kramer came back in and told us that what was leaking was in fact amniotic fluid, which means we needed to head upstairs to labor and delivery.  We were going to have you that day or the next!  9:30 am--Daddy and I just looked at eachother like WHAT?!  Dr. Kramer described what would happen after we made it upstairs, the plan was to give Mommy cervadil which would soften her cervix, that would stay in for 12 hours and then we would begin pitocin which would make me contract and start laboring.  Dr. Kramer left the room a came back with a sono machine to check the amount of fluid still left, luckily there was a lot left in there for you, which made Mommy feel better.  After she checked we headed upstairs, nervous, anxious, excited and scared for what was to come, afterall you were supposed to grow in my belly for 4 more weeks.
10 am--Daddy and I made it upstairs, got checked in and waited for Nani. 

10:30am--The nurses came in and explained the plan again and then gave Mommy the cervidil.  The plan was for it to be in for 12 hours, so Daddy left to go get out hospital bag and Nani and I started the waiting game.  Little did we know, we wouldn't be waiting as long as we thought.
12:30 pm--Mommy was laying in bed she heard a "pop" then felt a gush of water come out!  My water broke, and because of that it made the cervidil come out, although at the time, we didn't know that.
After my water broke the contractions came, very mild at first.
The Waiting game...
2:30pm--The nurse checked me and I was only dialated to a 2 so we thought for sure we had a long ways to go.  Daddy was helping Mommy breathe through the contractions, as well as, taking pictures through the whole thing and of course watching a movie HITCH (which actually did help me take my mind off the contractions)  The contractions began to get stronger and closer together but the monitor wasn't working and the contractions weren't showing up at all so Mommy looked like a big baby complaining about the pain.
4pm--In between contractions, daddy and I post on Facebook (hehe) the good news, Daddy captured a picture of the event. If you didn't know he is picture happy!

4:30pm--Mommy was getting uncomfortable due to the contractions, she asked the nurse to readjust the monitor and the contractions began to show up, closer and stronger than what everyone thought.  Mommy asked for some pain meds so she could rest a little bit, for the supposed long night ahead.  The nurse checked Mommy and she was still dialated to a 2, the nurse didn't think we would be having a baby anytime soon and neither did Mommy, Daddy or Nani.
6 pm--Contractions were getting worse, medicine was not helping, Mommy was in pain. The nurse asked Mommy if she would like another dose of pain medicine, Mommy said yes. 

7pm--The nurse checked Mommy and she was dialated to a 5, things were moving a bit quicker now, but we STILL believed we had a long night of pitocin ahead. Mommy told the nurse the last dose of pain meds didn't work at all, the nurse asked Mommy if she wanted her to order the epidural, Mommy said yes please.  I was thinking, FINALLY I will get some relief and get to watch the contractions on the monitor without feeling them. Boy was I mistaken.
815 pm-The Dr. came in to give me epidural, at this time Mommy was in a LOT of pain, no medicine had worked and the contractions were intense!  The nurse checked Mommy and she was dialated to a nine.  We needed to move quickly with this epidural for Mommy.

Signing off for the epidural
850 pm-The Dr finally finished with the epidural and Mommy was feeling so much pressure, she told the nurse what she was feeling.  The nurse checked Mommy and felt your head and a lot of hair!  It was almost time to push!! 
9 pm- Dr. Reardon came in and told me whenever I was ready I could start pushing! Holy Moly, here we go! 
901pm--Mommy started pushing, Daddy was such a good coach for Mommy.  Helping me stay focused and push, telling me what a good job I was doing.  Mommy gave 3 big pushes, and took a breather in between until she heard your head was almost out. Then Mommy got determined, 1 more big push and you were BORN!
910 pm--  Gianna Elyse Cook (you) were born.  You were perfect!!!  Daddy cut your cord and Dr. Reardon handed you to Mommy, you were beautiful and so perfect!  Mommy just cried when she saw your face.  Daddy was smiling from ear to ear, it was the most perfect moment! We loved you instantly.


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