Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At the hospital

You were born on Monday night January 23, 2012 at 910pm!  We spent that night and Tuesday night at the hospital, the nurses were monitoring your temperature as you were having trouble regulating it all by yourself.  We finally got to head home on Wednesday evening after your temperature stayed above 97.6 for 24 hours.
Still in awe of my little girl, Mommy could look at you all day!

A VERY tired Mommy at your FIRST feeding Tuesday, Jan. 24 @ 12:30am
Content in Daddy's arms

Daddy lovin on you

You've got Daddy wrapped around your little finger already!
You had to stay in the NICU overnight our first night in the hospital so Nani didn't get to meet you until the next day, luckily Daddy caught a picture of her first time holding you.

3 generations! (don't mind Mommy, she was SUPER sleepy)
Nani holds you for the first time
There were so many people that came to see you; Nani, Papa, Uncle Phil, Grandma & Grandpa Cook, Aunt Nancy & Uncle Joey, Tammy, Adelia, Nevin, Aunt Liz, Lauren, Emily, Lori and Andrea.
 Here are some pics of you with your visitors.

Flowers from Bell Prairie PTA, card from the Kirby's and a book of letters from Mommy's class

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