Sunday, January 29, 2012

We're home!

We finally got  to head home Wednesday evening and now we are adjusting to life with you, our precious baby girl!
The past 3 days at home have been quite different from before you were here, but in the BEST way.  Since you were so early (4 weeks) we didn't have a couple things we needed in place quite yet.  The weekend before you were born Mommy and Daddy ordered your pack and play for our room on the computer, needless to say it didn't arrive by the time you surprised us so Lauren  Mommy's friend let us borrow hers. haha 
When we left the hospital the nurses suggested Mommy set an alarm to get you up and eating every 3 hours, you have NOT needed that alarm once in the past 3 days we've been home!  You wake up on your on during the day and night about every 1.5-2 hours to eat! and boy do you eat! 
Thursday morning 1/26 the home nurse came to visit and check in on you, she also had to check your blood to see if your billirubin level was elevated still.  We then got a phone call from Dr. Beardman your pediatrician that told us your levels were a little high, we were told to get them checked again Friday  morning 1/27.  Unfortunately Friday morning your levels were higher, so they ordered you a bili blanket, it wrapped around your body and you lit up like a glow worm!  Saturday  morning 1/28 we went back to the hospital and got your levels checked again, Dr. Rogers called us and let us know to continue using the light for one more day and go back, yes go back, again Sunday morning.  We got the call Sunday afternoon that your level went down and we could stop using the light, golly molly, we were happy.  Mommy and Daddy did not like wrapping you up in that silly thing all day long.
Tomorrow you will be one week old, Daddy will go back to work and Mommy and you will start the next 7 weeks together before Mommy goes back to school.

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