Monday, January 30, 2012

1 Week Old

Today, you turned 1 week old!  I cannot believe it!  Daddy went back to work today which I know it was hard for him to leave you but important for him to get back.  We started your 1 week birthday by picking up Nani and heading to the hospital again to get your billirubin drawn, we are PRAYING your jaundice is going away, and you won't have to use the billi blanket any longer.  After the blood test, we headed to your 1st Dr. appointment with Dr. Beardman.  She checked you over and let Nani and I know that besides the jaundice you looked great!  You weighed 5lbs 2oz, which was less than what you weight at birth but that is normal.  Dr. Beardman did let us know that she wanted you to gain 3.5 oz a week minimum, which puts a lot of pressure on Mommy but I'm up for any challenge that has to do with my angel!

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