Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poor little lady

Lately you haven't been feeling your best, you have been fussy and so gassy.  You have also been spitting up a lot, eating very often and always grunting through the night.  Mommy decided to call the Dr and they had us bring you in last night.  After describing your symptoms to the Dr he suggested you get on medicine for reflux.  Last night was your first night on the medicine and so far you are doing well.  Hopefully you will get to sleep better and not have such tummy troubles.  You were much happier today so Mommy has high hopes for the meds. 
Good news...we went to our group this afternoon and you weighed 8lbs. 2oz.  The nurse even asked Mommy if she was giving you formula too because you are gaining weight so well, I proudly said no!  I am so happy you are eating well and growing so big.

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