Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mommy and Gianna's first full week at home

Today marks the end of our first week at home, without Daddy. I cannot believe how fast it has gone! Things have been going well so far, you aren't sleeping for very long in between feedings to far but it's so worth it because I am watching you grow before my eyes.  It is so funny that you already have such a strong personality already, I wonder who you got that from.
A few things Mommy and Daddy have noticed about what Miss Gianna does and doesn't like...
-you don't like to eat with a dirty diaper
-you like being swaddled but only with your arms out, if they aren't out you will wiggle them out
-you don't like your diaper being changed at all
-you like to be skin to skin while mommy feeds you
-you love being nice and warm
-you like when your head is rubbed and your hair played with
-laying on Daddy's chest
-you have been sgrunting constantly, all night and day, its super funny!

YOUR CORD HAS FALLEN's bittersweet because that was a reminder to Mommy that you were once in my belly and that cord connected the two of us!

Aunt Megan and Aunt Keke came into town to meet/visit you.  It was super fun seeing them and so special mommy got to share you with them!

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