Sunday, February 26, 2012

4th week at home with Mommy

Our 4th week at home together, is winding down. 3 weeks left for us to spend together, until SUMMER at least. ;)
 Here are some happenings from the week;
--you have been wearing 0-3 months clothes (growing out of your newborn gear)
--you love sleeping on Mommy and Daddy's chests, Daddy caught us one morning taking a little snooze

--you are gaining so much control over your hear, working on holding it up and moving it around
--you enjoy "talkin" to us while hanging out in your boppy pillow

--you have been so gassy lately (not necessarily a good thing but it is quite funny how loud you are)
--you like looking at yourself in the mirror on the play mat
--you had your 1 MONTH BIRTHDAY this week, Mommy and you celebrated with extra snuggle time =)

--you enjoy Uncle Phil holding you

--you helped Great Unlce Joey celebrate his 50th birthday and bonded with Papa at the party

-you went on your first walk, as the weather this winter has been BEAUTIFUL

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