Sunday, February 12, 2012

2nd week at home with Mommy

Today marks the end of our 2nd full week together at home! How in the world is time moving so fast?!  You truly are changing quickly!
This week...
--you found your thumb, it was super cute and you enjoyed sucking on your thumb for awhile
--you have been sleeping for 3 hours at a time and Daddy feeds you a bottle that is 3oz compared to your usual 1.5-2oz
--you had your 2 week check up on Wednesday 2/8/12 and you weighed 5lbs 15oz and were 18.5 inches long (comapred to last visit on 1/31/12 when you weighed 5lbs 2oz and were 17.75 inches long)

Sleepy Girl after 2 week Dr. visit
--you are still grunting but now you are doing it while on your play mat
--speaking of play mat, you LOVE laying on it and looking up at the toys, especially blue hippo
(here's a video of you playing, excuse your silly hat, Daddy did it)

--you are staying awake longer, now for 1-2 hours each time
--you are starting to enjoy bath time more, not crying as much unless we are washing your hair
--you got your newborn pictures taken, you were such a good baby girl, only pooped on Daddy once ;)
--you got the okay from the Dr. to visit Great Grandma Doris at the nursing home (she cried when she saw you, we all did actually)

--you met you future best friend Noelle =) , she came to visit with her family; Mommy's best friend Steph, Eli and Isaac

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