Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poor little lady...times 2

Today we went to Aunt Nancy's house to keep her company since she had surgery on Tuesday and while she was holding you, you yawned so big and she noticed your tongue was white.  Aunt Nancy asked me if your tongue was always white and I told her yea I think so.  She then told Mommy to get a q-tip and we would try to wipe it off, if it was milk it would come off, if it was thrush it wouldn't. guessed it, you have thrush.  :(  Mommy called the Dr and they had us get gentain violet, you are supposed to get it painted on your tongue, the roof of your mouth and your cheeks.  No biggie right?! dyes your whole mouth dark violet (hints the name).  So needless to say, this weekend you will be our little purple mouth baby!  Luckily thrush doesn't harm you, because we are treating it promptly.  I am praying it will go away quickly because you have been through enough this week!
Here's a pic of you with your violet poor little lady

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