Sunday, March 25, 2012

8th (and last...tear) Week Home With Mommy

This week was our last week at home until summer break and Mommy has taken time to soak it all in!  I am truly going to miss being here with you but I think it will be best for us to get into a routine and Mommy does miss teaching.  On Tuesday and Thursday you spent some time with Miss Denise, (she will be watching you when Mommy and Daddy are at work).  It was hard for Mommy to leave you there when she ran errands and got her haircut but it did feel nice to know you were in good hands.
sitting with the flowers Mommy's student gave her

enjoying watching your birdies in your bouncy seat

pretty girl

fighting your sleep!
Big girl bath tub-you liked Mr. Octopus

Silly girl in the Bumbo seat

You don't like being cold =(

Sleepy head

One day your hands will be bigger than Mommy's hands

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