Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 6...Poor Little Lady...TIMES THREE

Where to begin...
Tuesday I had to take you back to see Dr. Beardman because your thrush had not gone away with the gentain violet medicine.  While we were there we noticed you had a sore under your tongue which Dr. Beardman said was a reaction from the gentain violet.  She gave us new medicine for thrush and sent us on our way.  That day you weren't eating very well and were acting so fussy and sleepy.  Once Daddy came home we notcied that you felt hot.  Mommy took your temperature with the head scan thermometer and it said 101.6!!! I thought that couldn't be right so then we had to take it rectally and it was 101.7!!! Mommy called Children's Mercy's nurse line and they told us to bring you to urgent care immediately.  So we packed up a bag for you and were on our way.  Once we got there, they seemed very worried which made Mommy very sad.  We weren't there but 20 minutes when they told us they needed to do a few tests and because the fever was so high you needed to be admitted into the hospital.  Oh boy, that's when the water works came.  Mommy started to cry because I felt so helpless, there was nothing I could do for you Baby. The transport people came and off we went to the hospital.
Once at the hospital they continued with the tests and explained to us their concerns.  Because you were so young they had to rule out serious illnessed, such as meningitis, RSV and some others.  They also were concerned with the sore on your tongue, they thought it looked like a leasion that comes from HSV-I.  Mommy tried to explain to them that Dr. Beardman said the leasion was from Gentian Violet but they weren't listening.  Luckily that night your fever broke, and the intitial tests were coming back negative for everything.  We thought we would be sent home on Wednesday but because of that darn sore on your tongue, we had to wait 72 hours for the actual test to be read.  Luckily after a VERY stressful and hard 4 days of this we were released Friday night. 
I must say it was extremely scary seeing you in the hospital and knowing I couldn't take away your pain but I am so thankful to god that it was just a virus that caused you to have a fever and nothing more.
On the bright side, you were such a strong little girl and kept your happy spirit almost the whole time we were there, which made Mommy and Daddy LOVE you even more (if that's even possible)

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